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Your customers are going to find information about your business from a variety of sources online — many, unfortunately, which you don’t even know about and most that (until now) you cannot manage directly — leading to inaccurate information about your business hours, offerings, and locations across the web.

For your customers, this misinformation is very likely creating misunderstandings about your business that can lead to frustrating experiences. Imagine, for example, confirming online that a taco shop is open for a late-night burrito only to show up and find them closed! Not only do these situations cause frustrating experiences for your customers, but it very likely sends them to your competitors whose online listings are more accurate.

DTN Listings overcomes this by automatically syndicating your listing content, store hours, offerings, menu, events, and more with the web’s top data aggregators to ensure information on the web is accurate and trustworthy. You just need to keep your listing content updated in the DTN Dashboard and the system will take care of the rest. Easy.

Yell your brand values from the hilltops

Because customers are more likely to shop with businesses whose interests and passions align with their own, celebrating your business’ values is immensely important in not only attracting new customers but in creating long-lasting customer relationships and loyal customer advocates.

DTN Social empowers small businesses to highlight the special thing that sets them apart from the competition and to create important long-term customer relationships with an easy-to-use toolset that will help you plan and post branded content across social media channels and engage with and respond to your fans.

The tool also comes with robust reporting and data insights about how your content is performing and what kind of content your core customer audience likes and shares. And it’s all conveniently housed in the DTN Dashboard.

Get to know your customers even better

Your online customer reviews are a tremendous opportunity to not only connect with your fans and advocates, but to get in front of customer concerns early and to glean valuable information about your customer’s experience, needs, and concerns so you can make changes that will improve your customer’s experience.

Customer review feedback may influence seasonal changes to store hours, for example. Or guide your decision to sunset a product or bring in something new. Or to make some staff changes.

DTN Reputation helps you easily monitor customer reviews across platforms (including Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp! and others), respond quickly to customer feedback, address customer concerns quickly, and glean insights that may guide operational decisions and benefit your bottom line.

See it in action!

If you’re a visual learner (and aren’t we all?), it may help to see the back end of the DTN Website first-hand. Our team is standing by to field your questions or, if you’d like, to show you how everything works. Just send us a note and somebody will connect with you pronto!


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