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DTN Website is a versatile, customizable, and cost-effective templated website platform solution that empowers businesses to easily manage their web content and creates a highly engaging online experience with a straightforward visual editor and a robust reporting platform. And all without hefty custom design fees.

Every DTN Website comes with at least one hour/month of full-service support and full editorial access to your site’s back end, making managing your website content a breeze. And, because DTN Websites are stocked with customizable fonts and color schemes, an exhaustive library of widgets and page layouts, and an arsenal SEO tools, it’s easy to kick out high-quality, SEO-optimized, on-brand content that will make your business shine and drive new customers to your door.

Give us a buzz for a free, absolutely-commitment-free digital audit and consultation.

Standard Features

  • Built with WordPress for superb reliability and versatility
  • DTN’s theme and extensive page/widget library
  • Fully responsive layout looks great across devices
  • Customizable fonts, colors, and other brand elements
  • Supports video content, optimized for mobile users
  • Easily copy pages and post types for new content
  • Built-in blog module included
  • ADA-compliant and optimized
  • Cookies notifications module included
  • Hosting included with 99.85% (or higher) uptime
  • Standard web forms with anti-spam screening
  • SEO monitoring functionality included

Specialty Features

  • Social media (UGC) module
  • Listing directory with full search capability
  • Lodging booking/reservation form
  • Events calendar widget
  • eCommerce for retail, digital downloads, or events sales
  • Integration with email marketing platform
  • AI Chatbot answers questions in conversational language
  • Lead-gen Chatbot captures customer information for lead follow-up

What’s under the hood?

DTN Simple Website

The DTN Simple Website crams the versatility and customizability of the DTN Website into an awesome single-page website for a low-cost, lightweight, and low-maintenance solution and includes up to one hour/month of full-service support and a robust reporting solution via the DTN Dashboard.

But don’t let its size fool you. With customizable fonts and colors and a library of predesigned widgets and page layouts, the Simple Website is a powerhouse solution that will help you get your message in front of more customers and make your business shine.

$599 Set-up / $99 per month

DTN Core Website

The DTN Core Website is an expansive website solution for sites that need more than one page but not a ton of special functionality, up to one hour/month of full-service support, and reporting via the DTN Dashboard.

This solution is designed to satisfy the needs of most basic websites and includes an exhaustive library of widgets and page layouts and one-on-one time with DTN’s production team for a top-notch, on-brand design solution.

$899 Set-up / $149 per month

DTN Tailored Website

The DTN Tailored Website elevates the DTN Website with custom functionality such as an online store or business directory. Given that the scope of these sites varies pretty widely, we’ll need to price each project individually. But rest assured that the Tailored Website includes the same customizable, easy-to-use, awesome functionality as our other website products and will help to create new customers and drive business.

Which one is best for me?

See it in action!

If you’re a visual learner (and aren’t we all?), it may help to see the back end of the DTN Website first-hand. Our team is standing by to field your questions or, if you’d like, to show you how everything works. Just send us a note and somebody will connect with you pronto!


Phone: 520-575-1151

Digital Marketing Consultation

Digital Marketing Support

Compare + COSTS

DTN Simple Website

DTN Core Website

DTN Tailored Website

Monthly Cost



Need to Scope

Free, no-obligation digital audit + consultation

Technical Stuff
Web hosting + Support

Secure Website (SSL Certificate)

Meets accessibility standards (ADA-compliant)

Cookie Privacy Notice

Design Services
One-on-One Discovery + Design Meeting

Design Work by DTN

Customizable Fonts + Colors


Digital Style Guide

Fully Responsive Layout (looks good on all devices)

Home Page

Additional Custom Pages (by DTN)

Home Page

+ Ten Pages


DIY Additional Pages

DTN Widget Library


Page Layout Library


Search Engine Optimization
Basic SEO Services by DTN


Events Calendar

Social Media Feed (UGC Module)

Business Listings Directory

Lodging Booking Widget

Online Store (eCommerce)

Lead Generation Chatbot (collects lead data)


AI Chatbot (answers questions with AI)


Full-service Support
Access to DTN Dashboard

Full-Service Customer Support (real people, stateside)

One hr/ month

One hr/ month

Two hrs/ month

Launch Window

Three Weeks

Five Weeks

Eight Weeks

One-time Set-up Fee



Need to Scope

Monthly Fee



Need to Scope

† Requires existing account with third-party booking engine that is compatible with DTN Websites. 

We know what you’re thinking…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a templated website?
Absolutely yes. This is a templated website solution. And, with an expansive library of page layouts and widgets and the ability to customize fonts and colors, there is a TON of latitude to make this website unique to your business and brand.

How long will it take to build and launch the site?
A matter of weeks. (No, we’re not kidding.) We can get a DTN Simple Website solution live in just three weeks and larger sites in around a month or two, depending on the scope.

Is one hour of support each month really enough?
Yes, likely. Very few of our customers actually need more than an hour every month. If you need a lot of help, we should consider adding a premium service plan to your site. But remember that you can also do much of the work yourself. If you’re in a pinch, just send it our way. We’ll take care of you.

Can I add more pages to the site?
Can I add other functionality to the site?
What if I want an online store?
The DTN Simple Website is slimmed down in scope specifically to help reduce the cost for partners who just need a basic website and to enable us to build and launch the site more quickly. We can look into adding more pages, an online store, or other functionality to your site, but it will likely push the website scope to the DTN Core Website tier (which starts at $149/mo and will take a little longer to build) or maybe to a higher tier if you’re looking for something like an online store. If you’re interested, let’s get you in touch with a DTN Digital Marketing Consultant to help scope out the cost of your website. 

Will this help my site show at the top of search results?
Your DTN Website includes a TON of basic SEO optimization work, including the image meta data, on-page SEO to ensure your site looks good in search results, and submitting your site to search engines. If your content is written in a way that provides genuine, factually accurate, and search-relevant information, these tactics alone may already help your website rank highly in search results. We’ve also posted tips about how you can improve your SEO ranks in our blog on DTN.Marketing. 

But DTN Websites do not include specific strategies to help your site rank highly in your specific business category, under specific longtail keywords terms, or other specific SEO/SEM strategies. If you’re interested in making sure your website ranks at the top of search results in specific situations, I recommend looking for freelancer who is experienced in SEO and SEM via a website live Fiverr.

What CMS platform do you use to build the site?
“CMS” is an acronym for “Content Management System,” which is what you’ll use to manage the content on the site. DTN Websites are built with a combination of WordPress and an array of proprietary technology to provide a ton of customizability and versatility and a fantastic user experience.

Can I add my own plugins and functionality?
The DTN Tailored Website can accommodate a variety of custom websites and functionality for your unique needs. If you have a specific request, please let us know and we’ll happily take a look. But DTN Simple Website and DTN Core Website cannot accommodate any additional functionality. If you’re interested in a more tailored website solution, I’d be happy to connect you with a team member who can help scope the cost of your website.

What do I need to provide to get the site going?
The DTN Production Team will scrape content and images and glean insights about your brand aesthetic from your current site. If you have other content, images, store or listings data, or assets that could help with this, that would be awesome. We’ll also need your logo (preferably in “vector” or .EPS format).

Although your early input is tremendously helpful, in most situations, we can get much of this done completely on our end, making for an easy and painless experience on your end. If we need something from you, we’ll be sure to reach out.

What do you need to launch the site?
We’ll need access to your domain and your approval to launch. If you’ve registered your domain with GoDaddy, you can give us “delegate access” which will let us update your DNS settings without needing your login information. If you have your domain registered to another registrar, we may need your login (the easiest way) or we can send you details about the settings you need to change to launch your site. Changing the DNS to point to the new site is actually pretty easy.

Will I get full access to my site?
Yes, you’ll get full access to edit all of the content elements on your site, including important SEO insights so you can optimize your content as needed. You’ll also get full access to the DTN Dashboard where you can find meaningful insights about how your site is performing. You will not be able to install new plug-ins or to change the custom work that we’ve done on the site. But we can help with that if needed.

If I choose to discontinue my DTN program, do I get to keep my website?
All of the content and imagery is yours (assuming you have rights to use the photography). But DTN Websites have proprietary technology that helps us manage your site for such a low cost and we need to keep that under wraps. So you’ll be able to pull your content. But you won’t be able to download the site files.

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