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Deliver your message to qualified inbound + in-market visitors!

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Advertise where visitors are actually looking.

DTN Paid Content is a native content formatted digital advertising solution that delivers content about your business offering to inbound and in-market visitors and locals who are actively looking for places to stay, things to do, and places to eat.

DTN is actively partnering with nearly 200 destination marketing organizations (DMOs) — CVBs,  Tourism Boards, and Chambers of Commerce — across the US and Canada to help their partners promote themselves to the visitor and local audiences on the DMO’s website.

As a part of these partnerships, DTN works directly with businesses in the area to facilitate paid content programs and craft content strategies that highlight the business on pages where visitors are looking to help with trip planning and inspiration.

DTN offers a wide array of placement types and a Digital Marketing Consultant is standing by to help eligible customers tailor a program that will deliver broad visitor reach or target visitors who are looking for a very specific thing (e.g. a B&B or a coffee shop).

DTN Support

DTN’s Paid Content Support Team is waiting to help with no-cost creative updates, reporting, or to just chat about your program. And DTN Paid Content customers have on-demand access to their program’s performance metrics — including impressions, clicks, and CTR — via the DTN Portal.

More about native content

The term “native content” refers to an ad format that displays your message as actual website content and adopts the look, feel, and tone of the DMO’s site. To this end, content should first highlight the business’ value proposition to the visitor audience and then highlight the business’ brand.

While this may seem counterintuitive, studies have shown that this approach produces content that is seen and read more, trusted more, and sees higher click rates. Meaning less advertising waste and more new customer opportunities for every dollar spent.


Standard Placements

DTN Paid Content Placement Summary

Highly Targeted

The DTN Paid Content page-specific placements deliver content that is relevant to the visitor’s interests on exactly the pages where visitors are looking for it. These placements typically run high on key pages across the DMO’s website and blend seamlessly with the DMO’s website content providing the visitor audience with meaningful, highly relevant content that is read more, trusted more, and clicked more than traditional media channels.

Incredible reach

The DTN Paid Content run-of-site placements run at the bottom of nearly every page on the site, creating a ton of high-quality visitor impressions and clicks. These spots work similarly to “you may also like” suggested content, highlighting your business as a new trip idea.

If it walks like a duck

If you’re thinking, “wow! this ad actually looks like content,” it’s because, well… it is real content. DTN Paid Content is designed to adopt the look, feel, and tone of the DMO’s website content and to deliver content that is relevant to the visitor’s needs and interests at exactly the right time when they’re looking for this information.

So much data

The DTN Portal offers advertisers on-demand insights about program and placement performance, total impressions, clicks, CTR, and others.


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