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with increased findability + always-accurate listings info

Put yourself in places where your customers are looking.

Your customers are looking online for your business (and others like it) while they’re researching their trips and on their phones when they’re in your area, opening incredible opportunities to inform ready-to-spend customers about your offerings and brand values before they ever set foot in your store.

Improving your “findability” and listing accuracy will help inform customers about your business before they ever set foot in your store.

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It’s happened to all of us — you’re out to get a late-night bite to eat and you’ve double-checked on your phone to make sure the restaurant is open only to find out — after you’ve arrived — that…nope. Incorrect online information is a huge point of frustration for your customer and it could create a situation that has not only lost you a sale, but created negative sentiment online and sent a new customer to a competitor.

DTN Listings ensures that your business information is accurate across the web and across devices — including map apps and smart devices — to create positive experiences for your customers in the early stages of their customer experience.


It goes without saying that businesses that appear in the top of a search result will get more clicks to their site. But how can you compete in your category without paying out the wazoo? DTN Websites are ready to go with basic website optimization included in the build and easy-to-use tools to optimize your site content to help you rank high in search results as you make updates.

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Run your advertising on media your customers will actually read.

Let’s be real about this; very few people (relatively speaking) are actually reading your banner ads. And print channels are nearly impossible to measure. But DTN Paid Content delivers your content in front of ready-to-spend visitors and locals (via your CVB or Chamber’s website) and performance is reported (via the DTN Portal) in near-real-time. And, because it’s actual content, it’s seen, trusted, and clicked more than traditional banner ads. Meaning more qualified impressions, more clicks, and more bang for your buck.


DMO participation required, of course.
Ask us if your DMO is currently running DTN Paid Content on its site.
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